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Port Renfrew Fishing

Port Renfrew's salmon fishing is legendary!

Chinook (aka Kings/Springs):

  • Anglers come from all around the world to chase Vancouver Island's mighty Chinook, the largest species of Pacific salmon. Once hooked, Chinook put up a powerful fight, with long reel-screaming runs.
  • July-September. Troll with anchovies, herring, or spoons. When the going gets good, some also mooch with cut-plug herring, so you can feel the bite and get a better fight. As fun as fishing gets!

Coho (aka Silvers):

  • Coho are the most acrobatic and energetic fighters of the salmon species.
  • Mid July-August. Troll on the surface out on Swiftsure Bank with bucktail flies or Coyote spoons right on the surface.
  • Sept-Oct. As they get ready to head up river, they come closer to the Port Renfrew harbour mouth. Trophy-sized scrappers, up to 25 pounds.


  • Sockeye are considered the best quality table fare of BC's salmon species.
  • July-August. Subject to limited openings. Troll in deeper water with hootchies. When you get into a school, it is non-stop fishing action.

Abundant bottom fishing on Swifsure Bank and nearby hotspots:

  • Halibut: the best white meat fish money can buy, plus a lot of fun to catch! Swiftsure Bank halibut range from 10-20 pound chickens in summer to 30-60 pound turkeys in spring and every once in a while some lucky angler catches a "barndoor" up to 200 pounds or more.
  • Red snapper (aka yellow eye): distinctive bright red/orange bottom fish, excellent white meat.
  • Black cod (aka sablefish): tastiest species of cod commonly caught off Vancouver Island; a tasty treat smoked.

Fresh water fishing opportunities around Port Renfrew

  • Trout, steelhead, spawning salmon
  • San Juan River, Gordon River, Harris Creek, Caycuse River, Fairy Lake, Lizard Lake
  • Visit our Fresh Water Fishing webpage for more information

Port Renfrew fishing locations:

  • Swiftsure Bank: the "crown jewel" of southern Vancouver Island fishing, 1 hour run from Port Renfrew. Halibut: April-September, early season offers fewer but larger halibut (30-60 pounds, with the occasional 150 pound plus); in later season halibut are smaller but plentiful (15-30 pounds). Deep water fishing for Chinook salmon, June-Sept, smaller fish but plentiful (10-20 pounds); shallow Coho fishing, Aug-Oct, smaller fish but can be super productive (5-20 pounds)
  • "The Beach": Camper Creek, Logan Creek. 15 minute run from Port Renfrew. June-Sept, shallow fishing for trophy Chinook salmon, 20-40 pounds with a few 50 pound plus caught per year.
  • East Point, Can Buoy: minutes outside Port Renfrew harbour mouth. Summer Chinook salmon fishing July-Sept, coho fishing Sept-Oct.
  • Port Renfrew Satellite Map and Marine Chart
I guess you could say that I caught the fishing bug early in life. It began when I was still in the crib, with Dads tales of big silver salmon landed, and of course the HUGE tyees that got away. As an experienced guide I am happy to share proven techniques for catching fish in our local waterswith all anglers, from kids to seniors and novices to experts. I look forward to opportunities to display the beauty of our unique marine environment and share some island hospitality.
-- John Rogers, Port Renfrew, BC, "Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures"

halibut catch
halibut catch
Port Renfrew fishing locations
Map of Swiftsure Bank

Port Renfrew Fishing Adventures

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